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Seated at the base of Mt. Meru, Arusha is a bustling town, the third largest in Tanzania. Arusha is best known as the safari headquarters of East Africa. With easy access to Arusha National Park, Serengeti Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Kiliminajaro and more, Arusha is unmatched when it comes to tourism.

But for travelers, Arusha is more than just a stopover on the way to and from safari adventures: it’s the cultural hub of Northern Tanzania. With comfortable hotels, a wide array of international restaurants and a few sites of its own, the city is a welcome oasis of tranquility. Travelers should plan at least a few days to take in the local, laid back culture while relaxing in affordable accommodations.

And Arusha is not just about the travelers. The town is burgeoning with population of over 1.2 million and is regarded as the de facto capital of the East African Community. World renowned as a diplomatic center, Arusha is the host of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and many Tanzanian government offices. It is one of the most culturally diverse cities in all Tanzania with a large population Arabs, Indians, Europeans and Americans.

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